Dryer Vent Cleaning

Toss in the wet clothes into the dryer and push start?  Are you are missing a serious hazard?
An estimated 15,000 house fires are traced to lint that builds up in clothes dryer exhaust systems. Dryer vent cleaning El Paso can help prevent this common problem.
We know to clean the lint trap with every load, but that's only the beginning.  A lot of lint gets past the lint filter, and that's where the fire hazard is. It builds up in that vent pipe and over time with buildup turns into a major fire hazard.
El Paso Dryer Vent Cleaning recommends rigid or semi-rigid metal vent pipes.   It traps less lint because it is less flimsy and flexible, rigid metal can also contain a fire better. Lint also gets trapped in the pipe that vents to the outside of the house. This section of dryer vent is where a professional is really needed.
Using a system of connecting rods and brushes with a heppa filtered dual motor vacuums, we can easily clean the longest and clogged dryer vents.  It's not unusual to see  huge amounts of lint from the dryer vent, enough to fill a large garbage bag. Newer, two-story homes with laundries on an interior wall are especially susceptible because the vent runs straight up and over to the side of the house, with more dryer vent length for lint to collect.   And, all that lint wears down a dryer's motor and damages its sensors and thermostats.
Because lint is so flammable, you should never go to bed or leave the house with the dryer running.
How often you clean your dryer exhaust system depends on how much laundry you do. Once a year may be necessary.
El Paso Dryer Vent Cleaning will assist you in all your dryer repair and appliance service needs.  Call us today.

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