DIY Appliance Repair Tips

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Washing machine won't start?

One of the most common causes of a washing machine's failure to start is a faulty lid switch, which can fail mechanically or electrically. You can use an Ohm meter to check the switch for electrical continuity and determine if replacement is needed. Replacement of this part is easier than many other repairs.  Read more washing machine repair and maintenance tips to learn more.

Oven isn't heating?

Check the oven igniter. Even though the oven igniter may be glowing, it may be too weak to allow the gas valve to open. If the oven won't heat and the oven igniter glows for more than two minutes without igniting the gas, the oven igniter should be replaced.  Read more stove and range repair tips to learn more.

Smelly garbage disposal?

While running the disposer and the faucet, pour in a solution of one gallon of water and one half cup of bleach. This will destroy odor-causing bacteria. Also a hand full of ice and a half of a lemon will sharpen and deodorize the disposal.

Refrigerator door swings open & stays there.

Refrigerators are designed with door closing cams that guide the doors to closed position after being opened. Over time, the door closing cam wears down, causing the door to stay wide open. It's inconvenient to close it manually when you have an armful of food so the door often stays open until you place the food elsewhere and have a chance to return to the refrigerator. The result is increased energy consumption because the refrigerator has to work harder to remove the heat and return the interior to its set temperature. Learn more by reading refrigerator maintenance tips to save money.

Dryer takes a long time to dry clothing.

A noticeable increase in the amount of time required to dry loads is a major warning sign that there's an air flow problem in your dryer's venting. A clogged or partially-clogged vent will reduce the air flow through the dryer and greatly increase the drying time. This is also a fire hazard, as lint is extremely flammable and results in thousands of fires every year. Check and clean the lint filter after every drying cycle. If the lint filter has any rips or tears, replace it.  Read more about dryer maintenance to learn more.

A venting system should be cleaned out from inside of the dryer to the outside vent cap at least once per year. Professionals can be hired for this or you can purchase a long brush to do it on your own and save money. 

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